Duke LiveSafe is a free mobile app that offers real-time, two-way communication between Duke community members and the Duke University Police Department. Some features of the LiveSafe App include:

  • Emergency Contact – Duke LiveSafe provides quick call access to emergency contact information for 911 and Duke Police, as well as the ability to send a text message to Duke Police.
  • Submit Tips – The app allows users to submit tips by text, photo, video and audio, about anything from assault to suspicious activity. If desired, tips can also be submitted anonymously. Duke Police monitor tips submitted through the app 24/7 and can engage in two-way chats with users to obtain additional information.
  • Safe Walk – The app also uses GPS technology and allows friends and family to “safe walk” a user to his or her final destination by tracking the individually virtually on a map to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. App users must initiate a request or accept a request to safe walk a contact to enable the GPS tracking. Location services must be enabled for this service.
  • Resources – The Duke LiveSafe app includes contacts for important safety and security resources at Duke and the surrounding community. Find information about what to do in various emergency situations, referral options for sexual harassment or assault, and contact information for student and employee health resources. This information is downloaded to the app and can be pulled up, even without a cell signal.