Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are a crucial life saving tool for anyone experiencing cardiac arrest. Duke University's Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) program is a collaboration between Duke Emergency Management and Duke Occupational and Environmental Safety Office to ensure that new and existing devices meet minimum standards for use. 

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A variety of community certification and free CPR and First Aid courses are offered for the Duke University community.

Duke EMS

AED Locations

705 Broad St.

  • Second Floor - Outside of women's bathroom, near room 207

Allen Building

  • First floor - Outside of office 116, near staircase in Office of Undergraduate Education.

Baldwin Auditorium

  • First Floor - Near the main entrance, on the left on the red wall.

Bevan Building

  • First Floor - Hallway across from Breakroom

Biological Sciences Building

  • First Floor - In open lounge area outside of Classroom 111.

Blue Devil Tower

  • Second Floor - Near medical room 207.
  • Third Floor - Near medical room 344.
  • Fourth Floor - Near medical room 432.

Brodhead Center (WU/West Union)

  • Lower Level 0 - In the hallway leading to the bathrooms between Panera and Krafthouse
  • First Floor - Near the help station and the exit closest to Cafe

Brooks Football Building

  • Visitor locker room, near whiteboard

Bryan Center

  • Lower Level 0 - First right off the main staircase down to the bottom floor

Cameron Indoor Stadium

  • First Floor - Near the right side entrance to the Student Section 17 (if looking from the court)
  • First Floor - Rubenstein Lobby by Champions Club Stairwell
  • Second Floor - On the upper concourse outside of Section 13, near room 203.

Carmichael Building

  • First Floor - Near Bay 51
  • Second Floor - Near Bay 47


  • Near main entrance

Classroom Building

  • Next to room 216

Clinical and Research Laboratory (CARL)

  • First Floor - Next to elevator

Davison Building

  • First Floor - Next to room M114 and across from room M117C.

DUHS Biochemical Genetics Lab (801 Capitola Drive)

  • First Floor - Main hall corridor by room 602-603 on the wall

Duke Cancer Center

  • First Floor - Just before the concourse walkway between the Duke Cancer Center and the Duke Medicine Pavilion, on the Cancer Center side

Duke Clinic

  • First Floor - Next to women’s and men’s bathrooms near the entrance from Duke Medicine Circle
  • First Floor - Next to Blue Elevator, stairwell 1530STW, and room 1531B. Down the hallway from the Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development

Duke Medicine Pavilion

  • First Floor - Near the entrance to Duke Medicine Pavilion across from Searle Center, in the concourse between the Medicine Pavilion and Duke Hospital North
  • First Floor - To the left of the Duke Medicine Pavilion information desk coming from the Duke Medicine Circle entrance, next to Wheelchair Storage 1E15B and stairwell 1E06STW.

East Campus Union

  • First floor - Lobby

Edens 2A

  • Second Floor - In the dance room, on the left side

Erwin Terrace II

  • Third Floor - Near elevator

Forlines Building

  • Outside restroom near kitchen

French Family Science Building

  • First Floor - Near the main entrance (big wooden doors that face towards long stairs outside/Bryan Center)
  • Second Floor - Near room 2228

Friedl Building

  • First Floor - Outside of room 107 near the building's front entrance

Fuqua School of Business

  • Lower Level 0 - Near A01, in the lobby next to the elevator
  • First Floor - Near C101CORR, near water fountains and monitors
  • First Floor - Near A101, in the lobby next to the elevator
  • First Floor - Near S103CORR, student area next to the elevator and ATM
  • Second Floor - In lobby next to meeting room C207, outside the library next to the stairs
  • Third Floor - Near C300B, in the lobby next to the elevator
  • Fourth Floor - Near W401CORR, next to the elevator

Global Health Research Building

  • First floor – Just inside main entrance next to security office

Gray Building

  • First floor - Across from room 109
  • First floor - Across from library

Intramural Building

  • First Floor - Right inside the entrance facing Wilson Gym

JB Duke Hotel

  • Second Floor - Near the main dining and meeting rooms
  • Second Floor - At the security office on the loading dock
  • Third Floor - Near the front desk
  • Third Floor - Near the ballroom restrooms

John Hope Franklin Center

  • First floor - Next to women's restroom

Karsch Alumni and Visitors Center

  • Atrium - Outside men's restroom
  • Atrium - Outside water filling station

Law School

  • Third Floor - Main level lobby next to front desk and across from room 3041
  • Third Floor - Library behind Reference Desk

Lemur Center

  • Main Building - Lower level near room 014

Levine Science Research Center

  • First Floor - A Wing, in the hallway near restrooms
  • Second Floor - A Wing, main landing near copier

Lilly Library

  • First Floor - To the left of the front desk


    Medical Sciences Research Building I

    • Fourth Floor - Main lobby

    Medical Sciences Research Building II

    • Third Floor – East side atrium next to stairwell door
    • Fourth Floor – West side atrium next to stairwell door

    Murray Building

    • Second Floor - In the training room main entry hallway

    Nanaline Duke Building

    • Second Floor - Outside room 236, between stairs and men's bathroom

    Nasher Museum

    • Ground Floor - Elevator lobby
    • Second Floor - Elevator lobby

    North Pavilion

    • First Floor - Blood Cancer Center (near reception)
    • Fourth Floor - Near room 4207
    • Seventh Floor - Outside room 7207
    • Eighth Floor -  Break room 8033
    • Ninth Floor - Elevator lobby

    Nicholas School of the Environment (Grainger Hall)

    • First Floor - Front room when walking in from the Pod side, near the stairs
    • Fourth Floor - Near the restrooms

    Office of Counsel (210 Blackwell St)

    • Fourth Floor - Hallway outside of kitchen area

    Page Auditorium

    • Lower Level 0 - In between the men’s and women's restrooms on the bottom floor (down the stairs) outside the auditorium

    Penn Pavilion

    • First Floor - Right beside the first elevator facing the entrance closest to BC Plaza

    Perkins and Bostock Libraries

    • Lower Level 0 - On the landing separating The Link and Bostock (near the help desk)
    • Third Floor - On the landing separating Perkins and Bostock, near the staircase and elevators


    • Front lobby

    Research Park 1

    • First floor – In center of main corridor

    Rubenstein Library

    • First Floor - Near the bathrooms by the photography gallery, between the women’s restroom and elevator
    • Third Floor - Between the women’s restroom and elevator

    School of Nursing (Christine Siegler Pearson Building)

    • First Floor - South Wing of Pearson Building, near room 1012
    • Third Floor - North Wing of Pearson Building, near 3100T

    Scott Family Athletics Performance Center

    • First Floor - Between the Gatorade Station and stairwell door
    • First Floor - By the weight room
    • Second Floor - By the elevator
    • Third Floor - By the elevator

    Smith Warehouse

    • First Floor - Bay 8, outside of room B104

    Student Wellness Center

    • First Floor - In front of the elevator on the first floor, near student health
    • Second Floor - In front of the only elevator on the second floor, to the right of student health services
    • Third Floor - Right in front of the only elevator on the third floor, to the right end of the study area

    Telcom Building

    • First Floor - Near rear entrance to the student workshop on the bottom floor, a few feet in front of the door

    Wallace Wade Football Stadium

    • First Floor - Inside West Medical EMS room
    • First Floor - Inside North Medical EMS room
    • First Floor - Inside East Medical EMS room

    West Duke Building

    • First Floor - Nest to West Duke 101

    Westbrook Divinity Building

    • Basement Level - Next to cafe

    Wilder Office Building

    • Across from restrooms near main entrance

    Wilson Recreation Center

    • Lower Level 00 - Near the wrestling room
    • Lower Level 0 - By entrance to the weight room
    • First Floor - By the sign-in desk