• Shelter-in-place means moving to a safe location and staying there until you are either given the all clear or instructed to evacuate. You may be asked to seek shelter because of a variety of situations, including active threats, severe weather, or hazardous material spills.
  • Identify the best shelter location at your home and place of work or study. Ideal locations have minimal windows and doors. Stairwells, bathrooms, and closets may all be good options.
  • If possible, ensure that you have something to cover windows (blinds or opaque objects) and sturdy tape that can be used to tape up windows or seal doors.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Armed Intruder, Tornado, and Hazmat pages.


  • Identify your nearest safe location and prepare to seek shelter there if needed.
  • Seek shelter if instructed.
  • Monitor the DukeALERT website.
  • If you can, identify the type of hazard and take action. You may need to cover or seal windows and doors.


  • Monitor the DukeALERT website for information about Duke’s campus. An all clear will only be issued through the DukeALERT system or in-person by Duke Police officers. Similarly, an order to evacuate will only be issued through the DukeALERT system or in-person by first responders.
  • Let friends and family members know you are safe.
  • Be aware that you may be asked to avoid parts of campus.
  • Report any form of damage.

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