• Understand how different utility failures may affect your area of work or study.
  • Identify critical electronics and ensure they are connected to emergency power if available.
  • Identify work arounds for various types of IT outages.


  • In the event of a power failure:
    • Establish if the power failure is local (a single building or less). If it is local, call E&O (DUHS; 919-684-3232) or FMD (University; 919-684-2122).
    • Use flashlights, never candles.
    • Ensure that critical electronics are connected to emergency power if possible.
    • Relocate to a building with power if possible. For clinical staff, follow your department’s power failure procedures to ensure continuity of patient care.
    • Inspect critical electronics on emergency power regularly during the outage.


  • For a power failure:
    • Check all electrical equipment for damages.
    • Throw away any perishable food that has exceeded 40° F or appears spoiled.