Protest Guidance


  1. Stay informed: Steer clear of gatherings that might turn violent. Plan alternative routes to avoid affected areas. 
  2. Plan an escape route: If participating in a protest, know where exits are and potential safe spots nearby.


  1. Keep cool: If things get heated, stay calm and avoid staying still or sitting down.
  2. Make a quick exit: Leave the area swiftly, but don't run. Go with the crowd towards the edges.
  3. Find safety: Seek refuge in a secure location if need be. Don't get trapped against solid structures.
  4. Stay away from conflict: Avoid the front lines where clashes may occur between protestors and security forces. Follow all instructions from Duke University Police Department and university officials. 


  1. Get help if needed: If injured, seek medical assistance right away.
  2. Report any damage to Duke University Police Department. 
  3. Stay connected: Keep family, friends, or colleagues informed about your situation and location.