Mission Statement

Duke Emergency Management strives to create an institution that will be ready to overcome critical incidents and emergency situations while continuing to provide world-class education, research, and patient care. Using a comprehensive Emergency Management and Mission Continuity Program focused on mitigation, planning, preparedness, response, and recovery, we are working to build a culture of readiness and resilience.

Our Vision

"A resilient university”

Overall Goals

Emergencies that may impact Duke represent a wide range of hazards and may be unpredictable. Our goals are to:

  • Ensure that the potential impacts of known hazards are mitigated as best as possible prior to an emergency occurring.
  • Ensure plans and assets are in place to effectively respond to emergencies on campus.
  • Ensure timely warning and response to emergencies impacting the health and safety of the Duke community.
  • Ensure continuity of Duke’s mission and critical operations during and after an emergency.
  • Ensure effective and efficient recovery after an emergency.
  • Partner with external and internal stakeholders to improve communication and build expertise and readiness for emergency response and recovery.
  • Build a culture of readiness and resiliency across Duke.